Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Heavens Opened Their Doors and the Rains Fell to Earth.

The last twenty four hours have seen over 25 points of well received rain over our dry water restricted earth. Christmas is only four days away and the rain is for me a blessing in disguise. Yes we have high winds as I type and more rain on the horizon however the benefit of the rain is noticed almost immediately in the garden and around the house. The dust has settled and the plants are already showing an improvement in their appearances. It has been water restrictions for the garden for some time now and bucketing of water through the week with only the use of a hose or sprinkler allowed for a few hours on one day of the weekend has seen such a drop in the standard of the garden here. I have large trees and they will always take the moisture from the smaller shrubs growing near or under them. I would not be without the trees and if a plant can not survive the lack of water then I usually loose it and try to find something more drought tolerant to plant in its place. Today I did a quick photo session around the flowers and plants in the garden and took some photos of the happy plants and flowers as they held the precious raindrops close to their flowers and leaves. The first photo is of my little garden buddy Asha-Lea and the young hand reared pet cockatiel called Squrt.


Milli 2007

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