Friday, March 2, 2012

Autumn's 2012 New Glory

The First Day of March is Our Official Autumn
Not that nature needs to be told any particular date because it has been working towards Autumn for a few weeks now.

So just as the Northern Hemisphere steps tentatively into Spring
We in the Southern Hemisphere have started to trot into Autumn.

I ventured out today to take a few photos locally
And was not disappointed by the seasonal changes already happening.

Like the deterioration on the leaves of a glory vine above.

In contrast to the orchard below where fruit ripens and lavenders flower profusely


A different type of lavender below.

Fruit and Herbs Happily grow together.

Good Bye Summer and Welcome Autumn.
Hopefully we will have more beautiful days ahead. Being in a more mild climate we usually have a Glorious Autumn.
Warm sunny days and cool nights and of course the beautiful colours from natures palette.

Cheers to the Good Days!
What Ever Your Season.

Milli 12