Monday, April 12, 2010

April Showers and It Is Autumn in Aus.


It has not taken long for Summer brown to be replaced with Gorgeous Green down here in South Australia.

So far the Autumn has been kind to us all with an almost perfect Easter Break and good rains that followed. So combined now with warm soil and water the grasses are sprouting and the bulbs of winter have popped their tiny little pretty heads out of the ground ready for their own flower shows in winter. Of course there has been one or two draw backs. We have reverted back now to pre daylight saving and the view above was taken around 6pm on Sunday night as I headed along the coast road on the way home from work. What I thought would be a spectacular Sunset, worthy of stopping for, was not as I had expected because there was so much deep cloud cover just above the horizon. So this photo taken up the coast, gives a better view of how the sky became more of a focus for me, than the sunset. Our days are still warm and quite still, except in the evening when the winds come through and start to blow the leaves around. As one would expect in Autumn. Although I would not give up the beautiful big trees around the house in spite of the mess they can create. Each and every tree is very special and many of them are doing exceptionally well after this last Summer, when in spite of the Summers before and lack of rain, many trees and shrubs just gave up the ghost and pretty much keeled over, or had to be removed before they caused damage.

I know it is a bit of a conundrum for those of you in the western hemisphere to get your heads around the exact opposite of what you have as your new season there right now, but remember what comes around goes around and as the dark days of winter gradually head our way I can always pop on over to your blog and warm myself up and as you become so hot and bothered by so much heat, feel free to come on over and cool yourselves down with a bit of Aussie Winter hospitality.

Cheers to All 

From Milli.


Below is the view towards the no show sunset.