Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tonight's Moon

Lunar Data for Sunday, 25 July, 2010
Apparent geocentric position
Right ascension  19h 53m 7s
Declination -19° 32' 55"
Range 401,649 km
Constellation             Sagittarius


Diameter 29.75'
Illumination of disk 100%
Libration in longitude  3.222°
Libration in latitude -1.747°

Appearance of the Moon,
celestial north is upwards

This was the beautiful sight to meet my eyes as I left from work tonight. I had my camera with me and decided to share the photos I took on the way to my car with you, together with the information about tonight's moon.

Tomorrow night will be a good time to take advantage of a full moon for all those who enjoy to 'shoot the moon'. 

Milli 10

PS Click on photos to enlarge.

Topocentric Event  Time    Altitude
Sets: 07:26 +0.1°
Rises: 19:50 +0.1°
Maximum altitude: 01:15 68.7°


New moon: 21:40 Sunday, 11 July
First quarter: 12:11 Sunday, 18 July
Full moon: 03:37 Monday, 26 July
Last quarter: 06:59 Tuesday, 03 August
New moon: 05:08 Tuesday, 10 August