Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring Has Sprung In Australia.




It has been sometime since activity in our lovely little group here and so decided to share some Spring Pretties and hope that others will share their Fall or whatever Season they are in right now here too!

I took a photo of a Powton® Sapphire Dragon Tree Growing nearby and what a magnificent Tree it is. I am so impressed that I will now follow this tree through the seasons and watch it's progress over time.

Powton® Sapphire Dragon.


Of course I can not forget to mention the purple wisteria vines now out on show and attracting lots of bees. I think that they are so beautiful but understand how difficult they can be once established and in the ground for many years. I have a friend in Victoria whose whole pergola and small shed next to it was choked by this vine leaving him only one alternative and that was to remove it. What a shame but we do need to keep in mind where we plant strong vines and big trees like the Wisteria and the Powton Tree above.




Spring brings birds into the garden, where they nest and feed on all the wonderful spring inspired feasts to be found.

I have a pair of pink and grey gallahs nesting in the Washington palm in the garden. They are so guarded over their nest hidden in the old fronds of this huge palm. I am so entertained watching them either sitting together on the one small branch that protrudes from the palm or one sitting there and the other keeping watch in the gum tree nearby. They really do work together as a couple and it is so wonderful to watch them and hear their unique cries to each other.











As you can see they have really buried the nest right into this palm and they share it with many other smaller birds too, who are also nesting this time of the year.

I think I will have to call the palm the 'maternity hospital for native birds'.

The wall flowers have been stunning over winter and now they are gradually making lots of seed pods for replanting. I love these beautiful little flowers and hope to keep them going through summer if I can.

Well I hope you liked this  small taste of my Spring and hope that you share your season with us all soon too.

Cheers for Now..Milli09