Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wildflowers in the Antipodean Spring

It's Spring!!!

I am back in my home town, Bonny Hills, again after a 2 1/2 year working stint in the city. I have been enjoying re-familiarising myself, and my camera, with the surrounds - creating this blog has been a pleasant way to slip back into it and Garden Gurus of course. (At Milli's subtle suggestion). The headland at the end of our street was covered in the colours of Spring over the last weeks - now mostly gone. Yellows, whites, musks and purples with occasional splashes of rust coloured banksia covered the landscape. My intention was to photograph every type of flower so have included an album and added a few others I took in late winter.  It took a while as I have been moving house which means not just the moving but that extra extra spring clean of the old home. I have not named the flowers but intend and will do so but ask and I hopefully can name them for you. ENJOY!


Probably a good idea to use the slideshow if you have the time.

wildflowers spring 2011 - Bonny Hills, NSW. Australia