Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spring Fever in My Garden


Above is a photo of the garden made into a fresco in the photobucket edit application.

Spring Has Sprung



Well its happening daily as more and more of the pretty spring flowers come into bloom. I love the new colours popping out in the garden right now amongst the last of the vibrant winter blooms.

Below is another Fresco. I love the old fashioned painted look the fresco produces.



In Praise of Spring

Winter bare every where

Cold and bleak

 A good time to think

Read a book

Take a walk by a babbling brook

Grey skies heavy rain

Stiff joints and some pain

Hearty food and drinks by a fire

Winter brought it's blessings beside the mire

September Sun now shines on me

Spring has Sprung and I can be

Warmed and filled with renewed Zest

And my Garden will be at it's Very Best.

Milli 10

Ps I know that the Northern Hemisphere prepares for my other favourite Season Autumn and I wish you all a perfect Indian Summer as we call a beautiful Autumn here.